Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau is working to ensure the safety for all residents in northwestern Ontario, when it comes to transportation options.

Earlier this month, he was in Red Lake at the Kenora District Municipal Association meetings to meet with community leaders on how to best expand and enhance transportation options in the region, including roads and airports.

“Airports are critical hubs for people, especially in northwestern Ontario. Funding from Transport Canada will help to ensure that our airports have the infrastructure to operate safely and efficiently. It’s important to the community.”

In Red Lake, Garneau helped to announce over $10 million in investments to the Red Lake Airport. These upgrades include a new apron, taxi-way, runway, lighting upgrades, and a new runway de-icing unit.

The Sioux Lookout airport has also seen recent federal funding, announced by Kenora MP Bob Nault. Over $287,000 was pledged to allow for the enhancement of safety and small business initiatives.

“It’s a regional hub. We wanted to provide funding to allow airports to be more of a regional hub for economic development,” Garneau added. Nault noted that these improvements were vital to Sioux Lookout’s and northwestern Ontario’s economic growth.

Nault and Garneau are also paying close attention to the progress on Freedom Road. Garneau says that it’s one of the many projects that the federal government has underway, which will improve the access to transportation in the area.

“We are looking at all infrastructure options. In 2015, we announced an unprecedented commitment to infrastructure in the country. There are needs for roads, housing, and green infrastructure. We want to make sure that we can live with climate change. Forest fires, flooding, these are changes that are happening because of global warming. We need to properly-fund infrastructure that can withstand climate change.”

Notably, Garneau was the first Canadian in space – as he took part in three flights in 1984, 1996 and 2000.

“It was an extraordinary privilege to represent Canadians as the first Canadian astronaut.”

He was also the president of the Canadian Space Agency between 2001 and 2006. He resigned to follow his political career.

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