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The Electrical Safety Authority is hoping to get the word out.

Recent research shows that even mild electrical shocks from common household appliances can have serious long-term after-effects that can impact physical and mental well-being, such as anxiety, chronic pain or memory loss.

Dr. Joel Moody, Director of Safety Risk, Policy and Innovation at the Electrical Safety Authority, spoke about the risk that electricity poses.

“There’s no such thing as a safe shock. Any shock can have long-term effects. Electricity is just one of those invisible dangers that can put people at risk. No shock is a safe shock, but we do know that these kind of shocks can be prevented,” he said.

The ESA says that every year in Ontario, nearly 110 kids under 15 are taken to the emergency department for electrical injuries – more than half are under the age of five. Add to that, 60 per cent of Ontarians say they’ve received an electrical shock.

Moody then offered some safety tips to help keep children safe in their home.

“Kids are curious, they get their hands on everything. Outlets without the cover plates are an easy way for a kid to get a shock. Electrical cords that are old or frayed are a risk. There are three things that we recommend to protect against shocks. The first thing is to install Tamper Resistant Outlets. They have shutters that prevent kids from putting things into outlets. The second, is to replace any broken or missing cover plates. The plates protect people from touching exposed wires. The third thing, is to replace any old or frayed cords. They are fire hazards, and electrical tape does not prevent the shock,” he said.

Moody noted that if you do receive a shock, you should seek medical attention immediately.


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