Northwestern Health Unit (NWHU) has declared a workplace outbreak at New Gold Mine in Emo after three employees of the mine have tested positive for COVID-19.

Several other New Gold Mine employees are self-isolating and awaiting test results.

The health unit defines a workplace outbreak as two or more cases of COVID-19 that likely became infected at the workplace.

Anyone who is identified as a close contact will be contacted and given further instruction by NWHU.

Employees at the mine can continue working if they do not have symptoms and must follow all control measures required by the workplace.

Any staff who has or develops symptoms should immediately self-isolate and get tested at an assessment centre and not at the worksite. If the test result comes back as negative, the staff person can return to work when symptoms have improved.

Those with a positive test will be contacted directly by NWHU with further instruction

It is important that anyone in the Emo area with even one symptom of COVID-19 self-isolates and gets tested. There is an increased risk in that area and widespread transmission is taking place