Just when the geese thought they were safe and warm back up north...whamo!

Last week, all we could talk about was how nice the weather was!  My winter tires came off my car, I started putting away my winter clothes for the season, the deck furniture was returned to it's rightful place so we could all revel in that which was the beautiful spring sunshine.  And then Mother Nature said NO!  Maybe she should have paid more attention when she overheard the water cooler talk about the upcoming 'white out'.  We were talking about the Jets game!  I don't like it.  And I don't think the birds do either.  So go ahead and get this out of your system and carry on with bringing the warm weather and beautiful sun.  In the meantime, reality is, maybe we'll be using the s-word a little more regularly over the next few days.


Snow expected until Friday

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