Residents of the Wabaseemoong Independent Nations can drink from their taps again as they announced on Monday (December 6, 2021) their boil water advisory has been lifted.

The community has been on an advisory for some time now as the main water line was in need of replacement, and now with the water main fixed residents can drink from their taps.

The community has been under a long-term water advisory since August of 2018. The advisory has affected a total of 240 homes and 21 buildings.

  • The Nation did want to remind residents before turning the taps on:
  • Check to make sure you are connected to the central public water system.
  • Run all the cold water faucets for at least one full minute.
  • Remove all screens on your taps, clean them in soap and water, then rinse before reinstalling.
  • If you have water softener, run it through a regeneration cycle and be sure to check your owners manual for additional instructions.