The start of a makeshift memorial to the 215 children who lost their lives at a residential school in Kamloops, BC is starting to take shape in Kenora.

A number of pairs of children's shoes, a stuffed animal and orange flowers now line the steps of City Hall in Kenora and dozens of pairs of shoes line the roundabout near the mall.

Shoes along the roundabout near the mall

Communities across Canada, including Kenora, are holding vigils and displaying 215 pairs of children's shoes to honour the lives that were lost.

Dakota Shebagegit is planning a vigil in Kenora and says she was heartbroken when she woke up this morning.

"I want to do my part and help the people in the community start to heal 'cause we have to grieve all over again for these 215 children," said Shebagegit in a conversation with KenoraOnline Sunday afternoon.

The vigil is still in the planning process and Shebagegit says a date and time for the vigil isn't set yet.

Shebagegit is currently looking for donations of 215 pairs of shoes.

"I don't think we'll have a problem collecting 215 shoes. That's really awesome about our community," added Shebagegit noting that people can reach out to her on social media to make a donation.

Shebagegit says 30 pairs of shoes were collected within an hour and shoes can also be dropped off the roundabout beside the mall.

Shoes at the mall roundabout11 pairs of shoes in the shape of a heart at the mall roundabout. Courtesy of Erica Paul.

The City of Kenora has lowered the flags at all city facilities to honour the lives and memories of the 215 children who lost their lives. The flags will remain lowered, until June 8, one hour for every child whose life was taken.

Kenora city hall flags half mast