Train of Thought artists jumped the tracks and made a stop in Kenora yesterday. A potluck was held in Anicinabe Park to welcome all the local and traveling artists. Victoria Freeman is one of the traveling artists, and she spoke more about the project.

"It's an anti-colonial train trip that started in Victoria, and that's moving across the country stopping in more than 20 communities. We're bringing together the local artists and visiting artists and community members," she said.

Kenora was a side trip from the main tracks, which will take the artists across Canada. Freeman explains why they chose that direction.

"It's going the opposite way, because -- if you look at colonial history -- it went east to west. So, we're going from west to east to try and counter that a little bit," she said.

The art project is sponsored by the Jumblies Theatre in Toronto. Freeman explains why a project like this is important.

"We're trying to acknowledge respectful relationships and build them. In the Jumblies group, there are indigenous and non-indigenous artists, who are working together trying to help us all envision new possibilities on how to live together with the earth and with ourselves," she said.

The train stopped in Kenora and Sioux Lookout yesterday. Freeman said they were hitting the tracks again this morning, as they travel on to their next destination.

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