Mayor Dave Canfield says it's time box stores paid for their own waste and recycling.

Currently, taxpayers pay for 50 per cent of the cost of waste disposal and recycling of packaging. Canfield says they want to see 100 per cent of the onus be on the companies who produce the waste.

"A product supplier, like the big box stores, have always had to pay a certain percentage for recycling and what we've been pushing for, for a long time and I think it is going to come through, is that they would be responsible for the full cost recovery in the blue box program. So they're going to be held more responsible for the products and the packaging," he said.

Kenora council is calling on the Ontario government to introduce legislation to replace the Waste Diversion Act with a system based on full producer responsibility. Canfield says the tax money saved would be put into other recycling initiatives.

"We continually want to expand our waste diversion and recycling program. We recycle cardboard right now for instance. If you're under 50,000 people population-wise you don't have to but we do it because there's a market for it and it's the right thing to do. We want to continue to expand programs like that," he said.  

He adds that the popular rumour that Kenora does not recycle is completely untrue.

"All your stuff that goes into bins is shipped to Winnipeg," said Canfield. "We have a truck that hauls it all to Winnipeg pretty much every day of the week to the recycle depo. It's all sorted there, the plastics, aluminum, everything. The only thing that doesn't go to the recycling plant in Winnipeg is glass. There is no market for glass so we take glass and it's crushed and then we can use it for cover on the landfill."

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