The Sunset Country Family Health Team is bringing the first primary care memory clinc in northwestern Ontario, to Kenora. Dr Linda Lee created the province's first clinic in 2006, and is training the Kenora team. She talks about the clinic.

"The memory clinics are a new model of providing comprehensive holistic care for persons with memory problems, and their care partners. It's rooted in primary care practise, and will allow more accessible comprehensive care for these persons. Particularly in Kenora where access to specialists is challenging," she said.

Dr. Lee has provided the training for all 78 clinics Ontario. She says it's a great opportunity for Kenora.

"It's a wonderful opportunity. We're delighted to be able to help the Sunset Country Family Heath Team develop this first primary care memory clinic within the northwest LIHN. It's a much needed service for your residence, and I think sets a wonderful precedence for the kind of care that can be provided in the northwest LIHN," she said.

The clinic is funded by the northwest LHIN and the Ontario Brain Institute.