Kenora riding NDP candidate Janine Seymour is not backing down from her fight to bring a voice to NWO, bring the people together as one, and enhance the quality of life.

Her powerful voice and plans to bring real change across the region have brought her national media attention, which Seymour says is very exciting.

The real change that she wants to bring to the region is to reach and achieve a healthy sustainable community that everyone prospers in. In the end, this allows a better quality of life for the community as a whole.

In addition, Seymour wants to bring to light the issues that people in the northern part of the region face on an everyday basis. These issues include boil water advisories in communities and continuously dealing with forest fires and evacuations.

Seymour mentioned her confusion on the lack of prioritization of these key regional issues.

“I feel that as challenging as it is to say there are so many issues, it’s like what Jagmeet [Singh] said you just sit down and prioritize, and I can’t understand why we haven’t been able to achieve much success on any of these fronts frankly,” said Seymour

“It doesn’t matter party colours at this point these are really basic Human Rights issues that we’re unable to meet. We need to start working together and that’s my message regardless of the party of lines. That’s what I’m pushing to the core,” added Seymour

The NDP candidate will be able to bring these key issues to the forefront at the All Candidates Debate happening on September 9, 2021.

“I’m very excited for the debate, that’s what I’ve wanted, I’ve wanted an opportunity to speak and be heard. There are two parts to that. One is the floor, which they are providing, the other opportunity is to be heard, and what that means is that I hope that people come. I hope I can be heard” says Seymour

“I’m excited for that because I think that this is where we can start working together and when we can start communicating. It’s a great opportunity for all of us, the All Candidates Debate,” concluded Seymour

Seymour will be joined at the debate by Conservative candidate Eric Melillo, Liberal candidate David Bruno, Green Party candidate Remi Rheault, and Peoples Party Party candidate Craig Martin.

The 2021 federal election will take place on September 20, 2021.