The district services board says they're interested in working with community groups, as they look for ways to add more affordable housing. Henry Wall is the chief administrative officer for the services board, and he talks about their interest in partnerships.

"The solution to affordable housing in the Kenora District also lies in the private sector," he said, noting a recent initiative in Dryden to build new units for seniors.

"To us, it's good news. we're encouraged that we're seeing that take place and take momentum. Just because we're short on affordable housing, doesn't mean that KDSB has to be the sole organization doing it. If we can get the municipalities and the private sector involved, fantastic," Wall said.

While the funding may come from a private cooperative, Wall noted there were still opportunities to add staffing through the services board.

Affordable housing is an issue in communities across the district, regardless of the age bracket or marital status.

Mayors have been getting a civics lesson from the district services board this week. While the service board's budget has gone up by about two per cent this year, chief administrative officer Henry Wall notes levies have actually dropped for some municipalities.

Wall acknowledged the province has agreed to pay 89 per cent of Ontario Works payments to clients in the district. However, they still only pay 50 per cent of the administrative costs, which are higher in The North. The CAO for the services board adds there are also some reserves for social housing that need to be replenished, as the aging housing stock will need replacing.

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