Kenora residents in the Sedesky Road area are now able to return to their homes.

The City of Kenora says remedial work in the area has been completed and Sedesky Road is now open for safe travel. An evacuation on Sedesky Road was ordered on June 2 by city staff, while repairs to raise the grade of the roadway began on June 20.

The city notes work to raise roadways continues on a 400-metre stretch of Coker Road, about 50m east of the Kelly Road intersection. Coker continues to be closed and no traffic will be able to pass through until it’s complete.

The city says at its worst, flooding on Coker Road was reported with 20” of water over the road over an estimated 350 metres.

Of note, the City of Kenora says they are monitoring the Highway 17, Dingwall Ford and Days Inn area due to water coming onto the roadway from both sides, due to Laurenson’s Lake filling up the nearby storm drains.

Staff say they hope to keep the roadway open as long as possible, but motorists respecting the impact on the surrounding businesses is a significant factor. The city is asking the public to slow down, respect other motorists and travel through the area safely.

“As we deal with all the extra water, we ask that you please be courteous with your speed when driving past or through our lot,” wrote Dingwall Ford, in a social media post. “We would greatly appreciate it if you could please drive slowly.”

''The same area of Kenora flooded in 1970 at Trio Motors. Photo courtesy of Sheila Stewart / Facebook.

As well, a geotechnical firm is starting work to assess and present options to repair Pinecone Drive.

Flooding in the region has reached record levels due to heavy spring precipitation and a late snowmelt. According to Environment Canada, Northwestern Ontario saw 312 per cent more precipitation in April and May 2022 compared to last year.

Thankfully, staff with the Lake of the Woods Control Board say water levels seem to be stabilizing in the Kenora area, but warned a return to normal summer levels is still likely many weeks away.

The City of Kenora is asking residents to help report flooding or rising water levels in the area. You’re asked to send an email to to report water that is at concerning levels, or flooded roads. You may also call City Hall at 467-2000 between Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.