With a significant reduction in water levels and the risk of flooding mostly gone in northwestern Ontario, Kenora residents are being asked to dispose of any sandbags properly.

The City of Kenora is asking residents to bring their sandbags to the Transfer Station at 401 Mellick Avenue, at the recycle entrance area. To the left of the entrance, there’s a new sandbag drop-off area.

The Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry made sandbags available to residents in unorganized areas of Kenora on May 10, with the City of Kenora offering them to residents within the city by May 11.

Residents were asked to provide identification to receive the empty bags, which had to be filled on 14th Street North near the city’s Operations Centre. That sand will no longer be available.

The City of Kenora declared a local State of Emergency on May 10 due to the nearly record-breaking water levels and flooding in the area this spring, which was supposed to help the city access provincial assistance with the emergency situation.

To date, the only assistance the municipality has seen from the province has been providing the empty sandbags for residents in organized areas at MNRF offices.

The City of Kenora has previously estimated that this spring’s flooding has cost the city between $600,000 and $700,000, including $46,000 for emergency measures, $18,000 in park repair work and $322,000 in road rehabilitation efforts, but they’re expecting municipal insurance to cover those costs.