Jay Samsal and Troy Norman have won the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship and broke a 23-year-old record in the process. 

The team from Fort Frances and Kenora brought in a tournament told of 62.10 lbs of fish, breaking the previous tournament record of 58.62 lbs.

"You don't ever plan for this kind of stuff to happen. You don't go into a tournament and saying that we're going to break a record," said Jay Samsal in conversation with KenoraOnline.

"We fished incredibly well. We fished clean. We didn't have any mishaps. If you were to write a book about how a perfect weekend would go, this is how it went. And it wasn't scripted. It just kind of happened to fall in our hands. It was a ton of fun," Samsal added.

The previous "Biggest Three-Day Catch" was set in 1998 by Jim Moynagh & Joe Thrun.

The team had a great showing during all three days of the tournament. They caught 21.44 lbs of fish during day one, 19.90 lbs on day two and  20.76 on the final day of the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship.

Samsal and Norman will split the $10,000 first-place prize.

Samsal thanked the countless volunteers, Greg and Shelly Gustafson for putting the event together, his family.

"It was an awesome week with our families and everyone involved we can't thank enough, Samsal added.

Samsal next tournament is the Kenora Bass International 2021, which will take place from August 5, 6 and 7, with Scott Dingwall.