Across Canada, the rising cost of living means more people are having to turn to food banks to help keep themselves and their families fed. 

Ahead of the Easter holiday, Loblaw Companies Ltd. is stepping up to help with its annual Spring Food Drive, which kicks off today. Tracy's No Frills and the Wholesale Club in Kenora will be accepting donations that will go towards Kenora Family Services Food Bank. 

“Kenoraites are very community-minded. Even a two-dollar donation at the checkout goes a long way when many people contribute,” says Tonya Lagrasta, Senior Director, Sustainability and Social Impact, Loblaw. “Similarly, just one or two items added to your cart for the in-store donation bin become hundreds of pounds of food when the entire community gets involved.” 

Monetary donations will be accepted at the tills in a variety of increments. Along with monetary donations, food banks are most in need of healthy non-perishable items – the same items you would buy to stock your own pantry – such as wholegrain cereals, peanut butter, pasta and pasta sauces, canned fish, meat, vegetables and fruits.

"On top of non-perishable food items, this time of year they are in need of baby formula, diapers and hygiene products for mothers," adds Tracy Hall of Tracy's No Frills. 

The No Frills store in Kenora is known for its generosity towards a number of initiatives in the region. 

"We're a part of initiatives that help with feeding programs around town. We also do behind-the-scenes work for different organizations and even personal donations for families that are going through a tough time. Last year we were excited to be on board with Q104's Toys & Toonies campaign, which was amazing, not only for us, but for our staff. We're just the guy that likes to help!," says Hall. 

The Spring Food Drive will continue in to the Easter weekend. 

Tracy Hall joined Thursday's Q Morning Show to tell us more about their generosity and the food drive. Listen below!