This May, students at New Prospect School in Dryden have been learning about mental health.

Daily messages about positive mental health strategies have been read over the announcements. Each class also created a large green ribbon for their doors, and each student created their own mental health support ribbons.

The school also began a community Random Acts of Kindness Tree. Every student was given a couple of leaves to record something positive they have done for others, or themselves.

Finally, New Prospect had a school-wide yoga and meditation day, where each class was treated to a yoga lesson from a trained instructor. When they were finished they were treated to a student-friendly water bar and cut-up fruit.

Over the last few years more and more attention had been brought to the issue of children's mental health. A few weeks ago, teachers, parents and resources workers held a walk along the greenbelt in Kenora to bring attention to the issue.

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