Bob Nault is gearing up for his campaign. He'll be busy over the next few months leading up to the federal election as the Liberal candidate for the Kenora riding. Nault talks about what they're doing now to get ready.

"One of the things we're doing is building our team. One of the things you need to do if you're going to be successful in a campaign is have a lot of people helping you. At some point in the next month or so of so we'll have a nomination meeting and I'll be acclaimed I hope. No one is running against me so that's freed up a lot of time," he said.

No one has yet come forward to run against Nault as the Liberal candidate for the Kenora riding.

Nault also spoke about the two platforms he'll eventually be revealing.

"I'll run on the Liberal platform for sure, the national platform. But I'll also run on a northern platform, which are issues that I think are important to the region that I'll be going to Ottawa to fight for on our behalf. You're in difficult shape when you go to Ottawa simply because you're one northerner against for example 33 MPs from the Greater Toronto Area," he said.

Nault spoke about the federal budget which will be tabled by the finance minister, Joe Oliver, tomorrow.

"Here in the north our unemployment rate is pretty high. We have a lot of work to do to get to a place where everyone else is in the country and so the unemployment rate needs to be looked at. So we'll come back with a critique of the budget if it's not good enough for the north. We'll also tell northerners is it's got some stuff in it that's good. We'll be fair but at the same time if it doesn't help the north we'll be quick to say that," he said.

While an election hasn't officially been called yet, the fixed date is near the end of October. Nault says it will be one of the most watched races in Ontario if both he and potential NDP candidate Howard Hampton run against current MP and conservative candidate Greg Rickford.

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