Yesterday was National Indigenous Peoples Day and Kenora was host to a day full of activities and events.  

The day was organized by the Kenora Chiefs Advisory (KCA), Grand Council Treaty #3 (GCT3), and the Ne-Chee Friendship Centre at a property on Strecker Road.  

There they had events running all day, with a pancake breakfast sponsored by FSET. All-day there were activities running for the whole family, everything from crafts and vendor sales, yoga, face painting and free ice cream.  

After the BBQ lunch which was sponsored by Ne-Chee Friendship Centre, the day continued on with a mini powwow sponsored by the Dingwall Group, an indigenous fashion show by Chrissy Isaacs, and a fish fry Dinner sponsored by CINUP.  

Abbie Siroishka, Communications Lead with the Kenora Chiefs Advisory spoke about the importance of the day, “I think today is important for the obvious reasons – honouring and commemorating, but I think one of the most beautiful and special things about today that we have seen is the amount of support that the business community, the community at large, and organizations have given us.”  

“We are able to support and pay for every single indigenous vendor who is out here today and all of that was done with the support that we have gotten from the community around Kenora. I think this is a step towards reconciliation, this is the type of work that we need to continue to do as we move forward and I am so happy and proud that we were able to host this today!”  

“It's a really exciting and special day,” concluded Siroishka.  

KCA was not the only group celebrating the day, support could be seen from local students and businesses all around Kenora.  

National Indigenous Peoples Day celebrates the culture and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Indigenous peoples of Canada, and encourages Canadians to take a step forward on the path toward reconciliation. It takes place every June 21.