The high notes rang throughout the halls of New Prospect yesterday. They were visited by The Dryden High School Band as well as musicians from Open Roads.

Dryden's drummer Cassandra Jolicoeur talks about what songs they performed.

"I'm actually playing with both bands today, Open Roads and the Dryden High School band. We're playing a number of songs with the Grade 8 band. One of them is the Fiesta Espanola, it's a really fun piece. My favourite piece for our Grade 12s has to be Superheros are Us. It's got a mixture of Batman, Superman and James Bond all in it," she said.

Jolicoeur is graduating this year and choosing the sciences and medicine, rather than the music industry. She hopes to be come a spinal cord surgeon. So, she says she's glad she got to experience the music program in high school.

"I would just like to send out a huge thank you to New Prospect School, and especially Mrs. Pacheco, for inviting us here. It's my last year. I'm in Grade 12, and it's been an honour serving in the music program this year. My music people are my family. So, I'm going to miss them next year," she said.

Schools throughout Dryden are now wrapping up classes, as the 2014-2015 school year comes to a close on June 26.


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