A late-night drive is what potentially saved multiple people's lives.  

Kim Boucher and her son, Darian Desrosiers, were out driving around 2:00 am on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, when luckily, they spotted the beginnings of the fire that ended up destroying The Hungry Pug, Poplar and Birch, and multiple apartments.  

The mother-son duo decided to take a different route home that night and as they drove down Second Street South, they noticed that The Hungry Pug building had a slight glow on the side of it, it looked as though there was a light in the alleyway.  

As they passed the restaurant, they realized there was a small fire next to the building.

“To me, it looked like a pile of garbage bags or something,” said Boucher.  

They thought about the situation and decided that it was better to be safe than sorry, so they turned around to see if they could help. Thirty seconds later and the fire had already begun to creep its way up the walls of the building.  

Boucher and Desrosiers quickly got out of their vehicle to assess the situation. Boucher, an off-duty police officer, quickly called 911 and told her son to begin banging on the doors of the building – she told him to do anything to wake up the residents.  

“I started banging on doors as hard as I could and nobody was coming to the door initially, obviously because they were upstairs and it was hard for them to hear.” 

After “what felt like forever,” they were able to wake the residents of the building just as emergency crews were arriving on the scene. The fire had quickly overtaken the building.  

“My experience with fires, it does not take very long for the whole building to go up. I thought it was better to try and get everyone out as quick as possible, just in case, even if it turned out to be nothing.”  

“It was very stressful,” she exclaimed.  

After everyone was out of the building, Boucher said they took a moment to reflect. Desrosiers works part-time at The Hungry Pug so he called his boss Carl to alert him of the situation.  

“For anybody that sees a fire, especially close to the building, even if you think it is nothing – just call it in to be on the safe side. When we first drove by, that’s kind of what I thought, that it would just be another one of those little fires that people set and then they just go out right away.” 

“In this case, I am glad we turned around because it turned out to be pretty devastating. I am just thankful no one was hurt,” she concluded.