The Lake of the Woods Snow Maze is back open following a short closure! 

The maze was put to a halt due to the lack of social distancing and COVID preventative measure as well as repairs to the walls that were damaged. Jacki Aggio and Derek Kalinowsky who built the maze have decided to open it back up. But not only one maze this time... they've added a second!  

They ask those who visit the maze to respect the site and each other by doing the following: 

1) Stay 6 feet apart when waiting, walking, or enjoying the maze
2) 1 household in a maze at a time
3) Masks are recommended at all times
4) Do not sit or stand on the walls
5) Do not let your dog use it as a training facility or bathroom
6) The ice is public, the land around is private, do not trespass
7) Take only pictures, leave only footprints and snow creations... preferability not on the walls.

For those who can not make it out to the Snow Maze this season, they will be releasing a 360 virtual version that will let you walk through! (Kind of like a Google street view!)

Jacki joined Wednesday's Q Morning Show to tell us more! 

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