Lake of the Woods continues to decline after reaching a near historic level earlier this summer.

The Lake of the Woods Control Board (LWCB) says the average level of Lake of the Woods declined by 6 cm (2 in) over the past week to 324.0 m (1063.0 ft), which is over the 95th percentile level for this time of year.

Upstream, the damns at Rainy Lake will once again be reactivated - meaning less water will flow into Lake of the Woods - and with the damns in Kenora remaining fully open the level of Lake of the Woods will see an increase in its rate of decline. 

The LWCB says next week the lake level is expected to decline by 8 to 10 cm (3 to 4 in). This will be the biggest single-week drop Lake of the Woods has seen this year.

With decreasing inflows to Lake of the Woods, the outflow from the lake will also gradually drop. Levels along the Winnipeg River will see moderate decreases of up to 9 cm (4 in) directly below the Norman Dam and 6 cm (2 in) at Minaki.