Over three hundred people stopped by Anicinabe Park to attend Labella Palooza, a free concert spearheaded by National award-winning children & adult entertainer Mark LaBelle, over the weekend.

The physical-distant crowd was treated to the largest music event in Kenora since the COVID-19 pandemic began, which featured a number of local bands and musicians.

The WayThe Way

"This has been a wonderful community event and it's great that the community got together on stage, volunteering, and in the audience," said organizer Mark Labelle.

"I think this is how the community grows, by community events like this, and I hope that we can do more next summer," added Labelle.

Mark LaBelle was joined on stage by Enchante, Jake n Jan n Jam, Katalytik, Pat Brett, Jackson Klippenstein, Lynda Dobbin-Turner, The Way and, Shadow Junction.

LaBelle noted that once the COVID-19 pandemic ends he hopes to put on more events like Labella Palooza.

Mark LabelleMark Labelle