Four Kenora women are in the spotlight after a TikTok video of their recent trip to Winnipeg went viral. 

Lynsey and Delane Kapera along with Leanne and Kailie Rush went to the city for a girls' night, where they ventured to Value Village to buy each other silly outfits for their reservation at Celebrations Dinner Theatre.

"On the way up to Winnipeg we put our names in a hat and then we picked out the names that we had to buy for. We get to Value Village and let's just say... some people were a lot nicer than others," Lynsey laughed. 

The women returned to their hotel room to reveal the attire that was purchased for each other.

"My mom Delane kind of got the short end of the stick. She ended up with some elastic jean pants and this big floral shirt and this horrible-looking granny kind of sun hat. We called her Retired Florida Woman the entire trip. Our outfits were the craziest thing you could imagine!" she says.

"When we went to dinner, we walked in like we owned the place. There were some people who just stared at us but we just stared back at them and gave them a smile. We definitely owned it."

Lynsey recorded the experience and posted it on her TikTok account. 

"I can't take full credit for the idea because I did find that in another TikTok video. But after one day our video had one million views. It now has over 3.2 million," Lynsey says.  

Since the video went viral, she has gained over 10,000 followers and now sits at 33,700. 

"I didn't expect to get this kind of attention from the video. It was just a fun thing that we were gonna do. It's crazy. It really is.

Lynsey showcases her creativity not only on social media but through her photography. She is the owner and operator of Lyndsey Jordanna Photography for five years now offering sessions for weddings, engagements, maternity, portrait, and boudoir. 

Lynsey Kapera joined Wednesday's Q Morning Show to tell us about going viral! Listen below!

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