The Kenora All Star senior team is off to nationals today! They're competing at the Ontario Cheerleading Federation National Championships this weekend in Brampton. Head coach Deb Allan says they're ready.

"We've upped the routine a little bit. We've cleaned up some choreography and I think they're going to do a nice clean job this weekend," she said.

Allan talks about what she'll say to the girls right before they head out onto the mat to perform their routine.

"Strong and calm. It's a division where they're going to be competing in between level 5 teams. It's a lot more stress and pressure and they need to be very clam going into the event. They need to use their strong technique and it'll be easy to get through the routine," she said.

The girls compete on Saturday night at 9:27 and again on Sunday and 3:33. Both runs count towards their overall score.

Last year the team finished in third in this competition, however that was in a different division. Instead of competing in the school division this year, they're competing in All Star level 4.2. Allan explains how this will make a difference.

"Generally the competition should be tougher in the All Star division. You're going against other clubs that train in facilities with lots of equipment that helps them out. But our girls have been training hard for many years. Many of the girls have been in the program for many years so we're ready to perform in this level," she said.

The team will then finish off the weekend with a training session on Monday with their choreographer. They'll get to practice in one of the best cheerleading gyms across Canada.

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