The City of Kenora wants you to ‘Jump In’ to northwestern Ontario’s lifestyle.

‘Jump In’ is set to be adopted as the new slogan and branding for Tourism Kenora this week, after Wake Marketing’s presentation of the new design and campaign to city councillors earlier this month.

Councillors will be voting to accept the new slogan at today's Council meeting at City Hall. 

Wake Marketing says the new tourism marketing plan came together after consultations with city leadership and community stakeholders, and the new brand will become the foundation of the city’s efforts to attract and retain visitors.

“The idea behind this is that it’s really focused on the tourism and visitor side of things,” explained Tourism and Recreation Manager with the city, Josh Nelson, in an interview with Kenora Online.

“[We’re] focusing on attracting those visitors from Manitoba, the U.S., somewhere else in Canada or even internationally to try to boost tourism in the area and bring more visitor dollars here. And it’s something that can be measurable. [We’ll be able to see how] our investment in marketing dollars is actually coming back into the community.”

The City of Kenora adopted its previous logo and brand, ‘North America’s Premier Boating Destination’, in January of 2013. Before that, our slogan was ‘A Natural Attraction’.

“There have been a few different iterations,” adds Nelson. “People see the logo as the brand. We’ve had the tree logo. We had North America’s Premier Boating Destination. This one’s more focused on specifically a tourism standpoint and trying to attract visitors into the Kenora area,” says Nelson.

Nelson adds the new campaign will also include a revamped visitor website, and staff are looking at their options when it comes to replacing the ‘Explore’ banners in the downtown core.

“We’re really focused on the visitor aspect and all the aspects that Kenora has to offer. It encompasses all the things Kenora has to offer. It’s an inviting brand and [doesn’t] specialize in just Lake of the Woods and boating. That was kind of the focus behind this one,” Nelson adds.

The new marketing strategy also features a unique twist within the letters of ‘Kenora’. The images inside each letter represent a different aspect of the community.