Kim Leduc is away on vacation this week and it was the perfect opportunity to invite different co-hosts to join me everyday this week.

Today's guest was Janine Seymour, who with very little sleep from attending a full moon fire ceremony, wrapped up her day with a visit.

It was a pleasure to have Janine join us today and I was a little surprised to find out with "10 Questions" what she would make for dinner, if I was coming over.  "Popcorn," was her response. 

We also found out that Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman is the song she would choose, if told she could only take one song with her. 

Janine is also instrumental in organizing the Every Child Matters walk taking place June 2 from St. Mary's Residential School to Anicinabe Park.  The walk is in honour of her father Rocky Seymour, a residential school survivor.

Thanks for joining us today, Janine!