Bob Gordon shows his support for Doug Ford.

If you believe the polls, Ford will be the province's next premier, and he's bringing a simple message to the northwest.

"Help is on it's way," he said, during a visit to the coffee club at the Uptown. "Sixty days -- I think it's roughly about 60 days -- we're going to take care of hydro rates. Get rid of the worst tax there ever is, the carbon tax, and we're going to start creating good-paying jobs."

A provincial election is set for early June, and Kenora-Rainy River nominee Greg Rickford says he's feeling a shift in momentum.

"I think you can sense the enthusiasm. People want change," he said, after visiting some Main Street businesses with Ford.

During a break in the tour, Kenora Mayor Dave Canfield says he's feeling reassured.

The winds of change appear to be blowing through Queen's Park, and the mayor says he got to talk about how those changing winds may impact Kenora.

"He has talked so far about The North, and sort of being short-changed. That's good. We can fill him in on where it has been short-changed," he said.

Ford is making a tour of the northwest with Tory candiates. The spring election is Thursday June 7.