The Kenora community is banding together to support two pet owners experiencing a tragedy.

Kelley Morrell says his dog Penny and his daughter’s dog Onyx were outside playing when Kelley noticed both dogs exhibiting strange behaviour, which was quickly worsening. Kelley says he was immediately concerned and rushed both dogs to the vet.

He says that the vet confirmed with him that both dogs had somehow ingested methamphetamine.

Due to client/patient privacy laws, the Kenora Veterinary Clinic could not confirm this information with Q104 and KenoraOnline. We have reached out to the OPP to confirm if an investigation into any form of foul play is underway.

Unfortunately, due to complications, Kelley’s pet Penny has passed away.

''Photo courtesy of Kelley Morrell / Facebook

Onyx, meanwhile, continues to fight in Winnipeg. Onyx’s owner, Brooke Morrell, says on top of the initial emergency services received in Kenora, Onyx is now in the Intensive Care Unit in Winnipeg’s Bridgewater Animal Hospital, at a cost of up to $1,500 a night.

''Photo courtesy of Brooke Morrell / Facebook

A GoFundMe campaign has been created by a community member to help the family with their extensive vet bills. You can find a link to donate to the campaign HERE.