The drop in gas prices seen across Ontario has fallen short of northwestern Ontario, and local drivers aren’t seeing the same savings that others are across the province.

Ontario currently has the least expensive fuel prices in all of Canada at an average of $136.5 per litre, and despite gas prices falling everywhere else in the province, prices remain at $154.9 per litre in Kenora and $152.9 in Dryden.

''Local fuel prices still haven’t moved since they were increased to $154.9 on October 8, 2021.

Elsewhere in northwestern Ontario, Thunder Bay drivers saw an over 14 cent reduction at the pumps over the last seven days. Compared to one month ago, Thunder Bay’s prices are down 23 cents. Thunder Bay is currently the 8th cheapest fuel in Canada, sitting at $131.9 per litre.

Elsewhere in Ontario over the last week, Lindsay saw an 11 cent reduction, Sarnia, Woodstock and Owen Sound all saw reductions of 8 and 9 cents, and many southern Ontario communities saw reductions of 5 cents or so. In Winnipeg, prices sit at $135.9.

The Kenora area currently has the 11th most expensive fuel in all of Canada, and is the most expensive in Ontario by over 5 cents. It’s also the most expensive price we’ve ever seen in the Kenora area. The previous record of $144.9 was set in May of 2013. The lowest price was $81.9 in January of 2009.

As it stands, fuel prices are up 50 cents compared to 2020’s average price of $104.9 per litre in the Kenora region, with statistics compiled by GasBuddy.