On Monday afternoon at around 3:20 p.m., the City of Kenora was forced to close the road at Miller swamp on Essex Road, north of School Road, due to increasing water levels. 

The city says road crews are setting up barricades and signage for local traffic. They will continue to monitor the roads as the rainfall continues to increase water levels throughout the area.

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The City of Kenora has announced that they have been forced to close Essex Road at Hooterville Trail due to road flooding.

Roads crews are installing barricades across the road at both ends of Hooterville Trail to keep motorists from driving into the water. There will be signage set up at East Mellick Road and Essex Road intersection and at Beauty Bay Road and School Road intersections redirecting traffic.

The road will remain closed until the water had receded from the area.This is one of many roads or highways in the area to be closed due to flooding.