The drums beat loud out in the beautiful sunshine yesterday at Pope John Paul. The Kenora Catholic District School Board held their final powwow.

Students from Pope John Paul, Ecole St.e Marguerite Bourgeoys and St. Louis attended. Organizer, Cassie Gamboa explains why they held the powwow.

"It's an annual event and really it's just for everyone to get together and celebrate the First nations culture and to celebrate another successful school year," she said.

Gamboa explains why it's important to celebrate Aboriginal culture.

"Especially with this school we have so many surrounding reserves around Kenora. I think it's important to really embrace it and for the kids to be able to show their pride as well. We should give them opportunities to do this at school," she said.

The Hanisha Singers were the host drummers. The St. Thomas Aquinas drum was also made available for the celebration.

Children dressed up in their regalia and performed before everyone else was invited to dance.