Beaver Brae Secondary School Broncos alumni Kevin Holmstrom has put pen to paper and signed his commitment letter with the Winnipeg Rifles of the Canadian Junior Football League.

“It felt awesome, all the hard work for football that I put into high school, it just seemed to pay off just that feeling was awesome,” said Holmstrom when asked about the feeling of signing with the Rifles.

Holmstrom added, “My mom was jumping up and down taking a bunch of pictures, took way too many pictures for me to want, but that's what my mom does.”

Signing with the Rifles became a reality after his high school football coach passed his name along to Rifles head coach Geordie Wilson and Wilson got back to him and the rest is history.

Football has always been a passion for Holmstrom and as a kid, he always liked to play receiver. Once he got to Beaver Brae he decided to try out for the football team.

Immediately he fell in love with the structure, the discipline, getting onto the field, playing in a competitive league, and of course the hitting.

Holmstrom played as a safety for the Broncos for 3 seasons and his most favourite moment as a Bronco was in Grade 11 when he was able to lay a big hit on an opposing player.

Holmstrom was also a dual-sport athlete as he played both hockey and football, but eventually found more of a love for the game of football.

His plans are to let football take him as far as it will go but if not he has plans of becoming a Wildland Firefighter in BC.