If you're a member of the LGBTTIQQA2 community or simply an ally, organizer Wynne Degagne says everyone is invited to Kenora Pride 2015.

"Everyone is welcome. It's just a way to really embrace differences, help everybody feel welcome. It's a way to create dialogue," they said.

Degagne grew up in Kenora and says it's a way for the community to share their experiences.

"I grew up in Kenora and I think my experience is one of many, and I identify as transgender. Having been through the experiences I've had while being in Kenora, and while going to University and all those things, I think that I'm in a position now where I feel it's important for me to let other people feel the amount of acceptance that I've been experiencing," they said.

In preparation for Pride there will be a Yarn-Bombing at Seven Generations Learning Institute on June 20. Organizers are also accepting submissions for the Poetry and Truths event. Degagne says members of the LGBTTIQQA2 community can share their experience about living in Northwestern Ontario.

"It's basically just looking at different perspectives of their experience while living in Northwestern Ontario. If you have a story to share or a poem you would like the community to hear it can be submitted anonymously. It's just a way to create awareness and make people's experience real. It's not something that is openly talked about in Kenora yet, and I think it will really change perspectives," they said.

It all begins will an official flag raising on June 26, then the events kick off on June 27 with the Paint the Town event. Chalk will be distributed for people to decorate the sidewalks with rainbows, which is a well recognized symbol of pride.

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