The Kenora Evergreen Drive-In will return this weekend after a bit of a hiatus. 

"We loaned our parking lot facility to the MNR Fire Crews. They had to bring some of their logistics teams down farther south of the fire and we were the perfect match for that. Whenever we can help out, we like to do that," explains Blair McCallum, President of Mount Evergreen. 

There will be three showings this weekend with the classic E.T on Friday night beginning at 8:00pm. Saturday will see a double-header with Zootopia at 8:00pm followed by Jaws at 10:15pm. 

"Just in case some people don't know or have forgotten, we have a professional screen and projector along with our own radio station  WOLFE FM, with the help of Steven Wolfe of Wolfe Sound and Music. You tune your car radio to that and you'll get great sound quality for the movies!" he said.

Tickets are available at flat rate per vehicle for each showing. For one showing it is $30.00 - If you stay for the second movie on Saturday if would cost an additional $15.00 tax included. Tickets can be purchased HERE! 

A concession will also be available both nights.

"It is a really fun experience and if you're of the age where you've never been to a drive-in, this is the perfect opportunity to come and check it out," McCallum adds. 

Blair joined Wednesday's Q Morning Show to tell us more! Listen below!