With the first day of spring only five days away, some may begin to wonder when we will start to see the winter snow start to leave.  

According to Environment Canada, we can expect to see normal to below normal weather for Spring 2022.  

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Gerald Chang, explains further, “In terms of temperatures, we still see normal to below normal weather for March, April, and May.”  

“But you do have to take a look at specific percentages, you know, we are talking about 40% to 50% chance that it is going to be below normal, so that is the dominating trend,” he added.  

Chang continued, “That doesn’t mean that there is no chance that it could be near and above normal, so we really have to look system by system. What those systems will bring and what the temperature trends will be, you will know from week to week.”  

As for this week, we can expect to see some warmers temperatures and possibly some rain. This week, we could see daytime temperatures as high as 9 degrees Celsius, with nighttime temperatures as low as –5 degrees Celsius.