There were plenty of eggs flying around Beaver Brae yesterday but it wasn't any kind of food fight. Grade 7 student Sydney Tella explains what was happening.

"We're here to drop an egg dropper that we built in school," she said.

Students were put into groups and had to come up with a mechanism that would protect the egg from cracking when dropped from the top of the atrium. The Grade 7 students were divided into two teams, Mrs. Hall's class vs Mrs. Bennett's class. Thye team with the most uncracked eggs would be victorious.

Starr Schott was in Tella's group and explains how they came up with their contraption.

Teacher Jenna Hall prepares to drop an egg.

"Well we were kind of thinking a bean bag theme. So we made a pillow. We put cotton balls and a little Easter paper in it. Then we thought of a parachute but we didn't know what type. We didn't want to use a Safeway bag because we thought those were too weak. So we used a garbage bag," she said.

Tella explains how their test went.

"It was good. Ours went a little off track but the egg didn't crack," she said.

The parachute worked well and the device actually sailed past the 'splash zone' and into the crowd watching.

In the end Mrs. Hall's class was crowned the winners with the most uncracked eggs.

An egg falls to the ground during on of the tests.

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