The City of Dryden is getting some funding to take an in-depth look at their transportation.

The province announced yesterday that Dryden will receive the maximum of $100,000 over a two-year period. The Community Transportation Pilot Grant Program provides funds to municipalities to partner with community organizations, such as health and community agencies, transit agencies, school-bus operators and private transit operators, to coordinate local transportation services, so more rides can be provided to more people, and to more destinations.

"The City of Dryden looks forward to providing better transportation services to residents through the sharing and coordination of community transportation resources. Mayor and Council are pleased that the province is supporting this local pilot project," said Mayor Craig Nuttall.

Dryden with the support of the Dryden Native Friendship Centre and Patricia Region Senior Services Inc., as community organizations, submitted a funding application under the Community Transportation Pilot Grant Program by the Ministry of Transportation in January 2015.

"Leadership for this project will be provided by a part-time Coordinator and Steering Committee. The City looks forward starting this project in the next few months and working with the local community to develop and implement the project over the next two years which will help determine the effectiveness of coordinated community transportation as a service delivery model," said Interim CAO and Treasurer John Cummings.

Dryden is one of several municipalities to receive funding. The program is part of the province’s commitment to provide support to help seniors stay healthy and at home longer. It also looks to improve transportation services, options, and resources for everyone in the community, such as students and youth, persons living with disabilities, or those in rural areas where amenities and services are too far to reach without a car.

The City of Dryden will be releasing additional details on this project as part of an ongoing Communication Plan.

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