Paulette Grouda at the Mather-Walls House hopes investigators find friendly ghosts, during their visit.

The Mather-Walls House in Keewatin is under investigation. The Kenora Historical Society is working with a paranormal investigator, who's curious about unusual activity. Paulette Grouda is a volunteer at the house, and she says she wouldn't be surprised, if they found evidence of ghosts and spirits.

"Things have happened when I've been here -- and other people have been here, as well -- lots of other people have said there are things that have happened to them. Lots of people have had different things happen that have frightened them a lot. It got so bad one summer, they had to close the house," said Grouda.

The most recent investigator is Dee McCauley from Dark History, and they have plans to film some television episodes in Kenora. The historical society is expecting the investigator to be here for two days.

Grouda noted the house has had visitors in the past, who were interested in the paranormal. They've even had a senior member of the clergy perform a ceremony.

"They did an exorcism here, so I don't know," Grouda said. "Like I say, things have happened. People have seen things moving around in here. They've seen visions through the window. We have been investigated before by a group, and they definitely found paranormal activity."

The investigator is expected to be at the house today and tomorrow. The visit also coincides with Hallowe'en, Grouda noted. The filming isn't expected to disrupt plans by local students to host tours.

"I'm always a bit of a skeptic, but I don't like to say there's nothing 'cause I have to be here lots. I don't need any spirits or ghost-type things hunting me down, because I don't believe," Grouda said. "If there's something here, I think it's friendly, and I think they like me."

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