In the wake of this morning’s devastating fire, the community has already raised significant funds for a local business. 

In the early hours of June 28, fire and emergency service crews responded to the scene of a fire at Second St. S and Matheson in downtown Kenora.  

The block was home to The Hungry Pug, a local favourite and fantastic breakfast spot.  

Just hours after the fire, a local resident had already put together a GoFundMe page for the restaurant which at the time of writing this article, has already amassed over $4,500 in community donations and it is continuously growing.  

Bekkie Vineberg is the organizer of the GoFundMe, she had kind words about the team at Hungry Pug, “For all of us who have breakfasted, lunched, laughed, been warmly welcomed, had dietary preferences and needs lovingly and attentively attended to, and who have been accepted and embraced for who we are, we now have an opportunity to support Carl and his staff as they move through this transition.” 

“My hope is that The Hungry Pug, which has served this community so well, has been a beacon of love and acceptance, has provided safe nourishment for so many, will come to be again.” 

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe page to help get Carl and his staff back on their feet, you can check out the link HERE.