New Prospect school had a visit from someone special yesterday. The students got to meet Chantal Kreviazuk. Dakota Catlin explains how they got ready to welcome the Canadian singer.

"Making posters and more. If you go upstairs and look in the back hallway the Grade 3s made posters and hung them up of her singing on the stage," she said.

Music teacher Colin Hayashi is responsible for arranging for Chantal to visit the school. He talks about what the experience.

"It's a really big positive experience for the kids. I think it's one of those opportunities of a life-time type thing. You don't get an opportunity like this every single day. It's nice to have a real live connection to the curriculum and music education," he said.

Hayashi explains how the visit came about.

"Originally I had planned to have as many students as I could to go to see her concert. One of the my students asked me, 'Do you think maybe she'd come to the school?' and I thought that would be a long shot but I put out a few emails and some feelers and we'll see. It's one of those you never know until you ask and now she's here," he said.

Chantal just released a new CD and is touring the area. She's performed at The Centre in Dryden last night and will play at Knox United Church in Kenora next Tuesday.

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