The years of practice paid off for Logan Ginn, as he was recognized as the Broncos' male athlete of the year.

"I'm pretty happy. I'm excited," he said, after the awards banquet at Beaver Brae.

Ginn was a clear choice, after picking up the MVP awards for volleyball, badminton and hockey. His coaches praised both his work ethic, as well as his ability to follow instruction. His future plans include studying athletic therapy at the University of Manitoba.

The top female award was split three ways, after coaches gave up trying to decide between three close friends. Hilary Moncrief, Spence Alcock and Rylee Smith were all smiles, as they gathered for pictures.

"We've been best friends since we were 3, so it's pretty rewarding," said Hilary Moncrief.

"I think it's good. These girls have been playing sports with me throughout high school," said Rylee Smith.

"I'm really glad to split it with my two best friends," agreed Spencer Alcock.

Athletic director Reg McDonald also thanked all the coaches, parents, volunteers and officials who helped make their year complete.

The list of the awards is as follows:

Matt Krolyk Golf
Tyra Waite Junior Girls Basketball
Becca Mandamin Junior Girls Basketball
Rylee Smith Senior Girls Basketball
Spencer Alcock Senior Girls Basketball
Hilary Moncrief Girls Hockey
Rylee Smith Girls Hockey
Spencer Alcock Girls Hockey
Maddy Gann Senior Girls Volleyball
Tyra Waite Junior Girls Volleyball
Jaron Hoppe Boys Curling
Amy Alcock Girls Curling
Dylan Andrews Junior Boys Basketball
Russell Guinto Senior Boys Basketball
Dan Cameron Junior Boys Volleyball
Logan Ginn Senior Boys Volleyball
Tyler Kinger Senior Boys Volleyball
Katie Mahon Junior Girls Badminton
Danielle Dupere Senior Girls Badminton
Andrew Neil Junior Boys Badminton
Logan Ginn Senior Boys Badminton
Logan Ginn Boys Hockey
Tyler Kinger and Cole Gander Boys Soccer
Rylee Smith Girls Soccer

Most Improved Player:
Michael Dietsch Golf
Midori Hoppe Junior Girls Basketball
Assia Wilcot Junior Girls Basketball
Karly Lockhart Senior Girls Basketball
Cyd Smilski Senior Girls Basketball
Morgan Stover Junior Girls Volleyball
Gord Robertson Junior Boys Volleyball
Aren Johnson Senior Boys Volleyball
Airu Iwasaki Boys Curling
Haruka Uno Girls Curling
Aidan Rasmussen Junior Boys Basketball
Boe Rogers Senior Boys Basketball
Jamie Boucha Junior Girls Badminton
Teale Iverson Senior Girls Badminton
Hilary Moncrief Senior Girls Badminton
Eric Nelson Junior Boys Badminton
Johnny Houlden Junior Boys Badminton
Boe Rogers Senior Boys Badminton
Alex Smith Senior Boys Badminton
Justin Bishop Boys Hockey
Maddy Gan Girls Soccer

Pam Corbett Memorial (Senior Girls Basketball) - Hilary Moncrief, Skye Schott
Most Inspirational Player (Girls Hockey) - Kylie Fisher
Most Sportsmanlike (Girls Hockey) - Keisha Hopkins
Best Defense (Girls Hockey) - Hilary Moncrief
Rookie of the Year (Girls Hockey) - Kira Boucha
Andrew Holmes (Junior Boys Basketball) - Jacob Parker
Rookie of the Year (Senior Boys Basketball) - Jackson Penner
Best Defense (Boys Hockey) - Alex Smith
Spirit Award (Boys Hockey) - Cole Forsyth
Rookie of the Year (Boys Hockey) - Colton Yaremko
Top skier (Senior Girls) - Karly Lockhart
Top skier (Junior Girls) - Claire Hensrud
Rookie of the Year (Girls soccer) - Kynsey Bluebird
Kick Award (Girls soccer) - Hilary Moncrief
Best defender (Girls soccer) - Claire Hensrud
Golden Shoe Award (Boys soccer) - Tyler Kinger
Kick Award (Boys soccer) - Jaron Hoppe
Best defender (Boys soccer) - Jakob Rasmussen

Special Awards:
Female Athlete of the Year - Rylee Smith, Hilary Moncrief, Spencer Alcock
Male Athlete of the Year - Logan Ginn
Bronco Spirit Award - Skye Schott
Riel Tucker Memorial Award - Tyler Neil
Diana Clark Memorial Award - Aimee Jones