Students in the Grade 11 construction class at Beaver Brae were visited by the KPDSB's electrician yesterday.

Tech and Co-op teachers joined forces to offer some electrical skill training in order to highlight opportunities in the skilled trades. Electrician John Patrick explains what he taught the students.

"Today we are doing how to properly wire a receptacle. We've gone through the theory, we've gone through the safety, so today we are going to do the practical application and they're going to actually install. I will check it and then we will test their installation on Tuesday," he said.  

The class is run by teacher Chris Hopkins. Patrick has been a mentor to previous Beaver Brae Co-op students interested in the electrical field. He explains why he was invited into the classroom.

"Trying to give them some hands on so that they will have some fun. We've also gone through how the apprenticeship program works and what opportunities are out there, not just electrical. Here in northwestern Ontario I believe there are a lot of trades opportunities," he said.

Patrick points to the local mills and mining operations.

The intent was to expose students to some basic electrical theory and hands on skills. Students also benefited from working with the master electrician, who shared another perspective about the apprenticeship pathway.

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