The Matiowski Farmers’ Market 2021 season is beginning to wrap up.  

With the season coming to a close, Helena Devins, Market Coordinator, has begun her search for the 2022 season vendors. Applications are now available and they include a large variety of market options.  

“The 2022 Matiowski Farmers’ Market application includes the three Specialty Winter Markets (December, February, and March) as well as the Spring Fling Market (May Long Weekend), the Canada Day Market, and the 2022 Matiowski Farmers’ Market season that will run from June 15 to September 28” explained Devins.  

The regular 2022 Season Markets along with the Spring Fling and Canada Day Markets will be held at the White Cap Pavillion and the specialty Winter Markets will be held at Seven Generations Education Institute.  

While the regular seasonal markets generally adhere to the “you make it, bake it or grow it” policy, the Specialty Markets will have some leeway. 

“For these Specialty Markets we do allow specialty vendors to apply and that does include those vendors that have not created the product themselves. That includes independent consultants, some of our community groups, or people with sports paraphernalia, etc.” said Devins. She later added that preference and priority will be given to the “make it, bake it, grow it” vendors.  

Regarding application deadlines, Devins said “Preferably for the December 18 market, I can wait until the December 1 because it is a smaller number of vendors and I will be working with seven generations on what spacing I will have to use and how many tables I can fit in that space. Usually, I like to have about 2 weeks to give the vendors, myself, and the venue some time to plan.”  

She later added that the application deadline for the 2022 Season will be on March 1, 2022.  

And like most events these days, Devins wanted to make it clear that all event plans, guidelines, and restrictions are up for alteration/cancellation should the COVID-19 situation change at all.  

If you would like to apply to the 2022 Matiowski Market Season or for a Specialty Market, you can do so online by clicking HERE. If you would rather have a physical copy, there will be copies available at the discovery center 

If you would like more specific details and pricing options on the 2022 season of markets, click HERE