The polls in Ontario are now closed.


Kenora Riding - 148 polls reporting (98%) - As of 1:10 a.m., September 21

David Bruno - Liberals - 4,807 votes

Craig Martin - People's Party of Canada - 1,558 votes

Eric Melillo - Conservative - 10,316 votes - Elected

Remi Rheault - Green Party - 347votes

Janine Seymour - NDP - 7,499 votes


National - Leading or elected - 170 needed for a majority

Liberals - 156 - Elected (Minority)

Conservative - 121

NDP - 27

People's Party of Canada - 0

Green Party - 2

Bloc Québécois - 32

Once the polls close, trained and paid election workers will count the ballots by hand. The ballot-counting procedures for federal elections are set out in the Canada Elections Act, the law that governs federal elections. Mail-in ballots will be counted on Tuesday, September 21.

Results are courtesy of Elections Canada and are unofficial until declared official by the Chief Electoral Officer. The vote counts sent in on election night are preliminary, unvalidated, and may change. For the 44th general election, they will also be incomplete because of expected delays in the counting of special ballots. Preliminary results show votes per candidate by riding and are considered incomplete until all ballots are counted.