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Smoke detectors needed in trailers

Carbon MonoxideA carbon monoxide detector along with a smoke detector can reduce the chance of a fatality in a fire by 50 per cent

Firefighters in the region are advising hunters to be careful, if they are spending the night in a camper. While the life-saving capabilities of smoke alarms are known, Dryden firefighter Reagan Breeze says it could also be costly if there's not a working detector in the trailer or RV.

"It is a requirement under the Ontario fire code to make sure that you have a working smoke alarm on all stories of your cottage, RV or camper. Failure to abide by this rule will actually cost the owner a $235 ticket or a fine of up to $50,000 for individuals, or $100,000 for any corporation," he said.

He also notes that it's recommended that trailers with a fuel based heating appliance have carbon monoxide detectors installed, noting an incident in southern Ontario.

"Last year in southern Ontario a few people passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning when they were hunting. This was from a faulty propane stove which basically caused the incident. What we're also asking people is before they use any of their heating appliances, that they have a trained professional inspect and test their appliances before they use them," he said.

While campers, trailers and cottages are a favourite place during the summer months, Breeze reminds people that they need to remember to check their alarms when they return after the winter.

"When they're going out to the cottage, if the smoke alarm is more than ten years they need to replace it with a new one. If it is under the ten year life span of a working smoke alarm we ask people to install a new battery, just to make sure it's working," he said.

He says having working smoke alarms, along with a carbon monoxide detector can greatly reduce the chance of a fatality in the event of a fire.

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