Game 4 at the Kenora Rec Centre

Rec centre screen

Hockey fans in Kenora will be gathering at the Kenora Recreation Centre tonight to watch game four of the Stanley Cup Final on their giant projector screen. Megan Derouard of the Kenora Rec Centre says they are expecting a good turnout.

"I'm hoping for 1,000 that's my goal. When we did it a couple of years ago and there was really no chance to win the cup, Philly was battling the whole way through, it averaged about 600 people. We're really hoping that with a chance to win it on Wednesday night, we really can have a community celebration," she said.

She also notes that they have been in talks with CBC, to attempt to have Kenora featured on Hockey Night in Canada.

"We've encouraged them to come on down and take some shots of Kenora and our fan base in between games," she adds.

The doors will be opened at 6 p.m and the game will begin at 7.