Graduation day at St. Thomas Aquinas

Written by Brenden Harris on Thursday, 20 June 2013

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It was an emotional night in the gymnasium at St. Thomas Aquinas High School, as students crossed the stage during their graduation ceremony. More than 80 students received their diplomas, with many receiving awards, bursaries and scholarships. Jarrod Sundmark was chosen as the school's valedictorian. During his speech, he looked back at the years of high school.

"Late August 2007, the sun was shining and 80 or so young, excited, nervous little ones were about to start their first day at T.A. in the annex. It was a time when Kanye West's 'Stronger' topped the charts, it was a time of low cafe prices and it was a good time wasn't it," he said.

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During the speech, he thanked those who provided support for the students. He also noted one of the most important aspects of the years at the school, which was the relationships formed between peers.

"Our legacy isn't one written on the walls. It's in our memories and the memories others have of us. The time spent in class, on break, on long bus rides to wherever it was that day, time sharing laughs, and tears of both sorrow and happiness," he said.

He also focused on the important role of the students in the future.

"After tonight it's on us. no more sitting back and letting other do what needs to get done. It;s time for us to get up, and get after it. There has never been such a great need for our efforts in the world as there is today, and we have been given every tool we need to start making a difference," he said.

After the valedictorian address, the students walked across the stage to gather their diplomas. Graduate Tyler Caron says it was an exciting experience.

"It feels absolutely great, working up to it right from grade nine. Even in the early years in elementary school, you always think 'oh it's all the big kids graduating' and you know one day you'll be there. It all went by so fast and it just feels great to walk across that stage," he said.

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Complete list of Graduates:

Kailey Alison Adams
Bowen Andrew Alcock
Allesen Rose Alcock-Skead
Lindy Nicole Bailey
Branden Neil Baird
Storm Corneilius Baker
Summer Dana Baker
Tyson Lee Beckerton
Anneliese Elisabeth Behrmann
Joshua Elijah Berle
Maya Vivian Boivin
Joden Jesther Bornia
Aaron Mitchell Burgess
Samatha Jane Burkart
Tyler Jesse Caron
Davidson Ogemah Clarke Fraser
Tara Elizabeth Creason
Colton David Cumberland
Eric Donald Davidson
Jenna Renee Doering
Eric Rejean Duhaime
Michael Lawrence Elliot
Kelly Rae Marie Fadden
Jacob Alexander Ficek
Elias Charles Fisher
Austin Marcel Flegg
Jackson Victor Fregeau
Ryan Daniel Friesen
Shae Marie Gander
William Noah Gilfix
Trevor Joseph Gordon
Janelle Barbara Grafham
Sean Patrick Gurica
Bailey Lynn Hall
Dylan Riley Hall
Nathan Christopher Heida
Andrew Victor Heide-Lindquist
Zachery Tyler Hunter-Tom
Darcy Nicholas Ilderton
Bryce Thomas Jeffery
Johnathon Raymond Kufflick
Michael George Landon
Tanner Robert Langois
Gabrielle Lynne LeSelva
Kimberly Michelle Lemay
Craig William Letain
Darian David Loohuizen
Hanna Lynn Love
Charlse Major
Valerie Rita Marion
Carissa Jane Marmus
Cody John Martin
Michael Shaw Nelson
Emma-Leigh Robyn Neniska
Conor Michael O'Flaherty
Sydney Jane O'Flaherty
Jocelyn Amelie Palichuk
Dayna Rose Paul
Page Jacqueline Quevillon
Matthew Paul Ranson
Brenden Allan Rea
Brett Mitchell Reid
Kately Mackenzie Rodger
Jessica Lynn Ross
Joseph Jacob Roy
Sterling Joseph Schabler
Braden Alexander Sequin
Dakota Robert Seymour
Quincy Allen Skead
Jarrod Robert Sundmark
Daniel Patrick Thomson
Karl Heinz Warmbier
Aidan William Warren
Jaryd Rene Wiebe
Caitlin Marie Williams
Lexi Taylor Williams
Cole Gary Zabloski
Aden Frederik Zacharuk-Lessing
Ashley Marie Zubkavich

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